All Things Fun and Fanciful

Yeah, yeah, I know. Every day we’ve all got a ton of stuff to get done. Whether it’s commitments with friends, getting kids places, benefits, family functions or whatever, we all have places to be and people who need to see our faces. When we’re not out and about, we all have plenty of things to keep us busy in our own homes. I’ve talked before about the joys in keeping the whimsy in day-to-day life. Now let me sprinkle a little color onto your garden of whimsical knowledge.

Go ahead! Ask me! How does one muster whimsy from the dredges of daily happenings? By keeping all things fun and fanciful! I do this by adding a little splash of personality to the common objects that I use every day. Instead of a standard, ugly apron I purchased from some cooking store, when cooking I prefer to wear a handmade apron splashed with all of the patterns and colors I love. When I’m gardening, I don’t don just any old gardening gloves bought from some gardening center, I wear a fancy-yet-functional pair of gardening gloves that are sturdy enough for the task at hand but are trimmed with lace to reflect my need for flare.

Why, you ask, do I insist on going with the fanciful over the merely, dare I say, mundane, functional? Why is the sky blue? Why is there a polar bear on the island? Why do kids always have to touch pools of water? Why the crap not?!!

My passion for all things fun and fanciful stretches beyond the front door and has made its way into all corners of my life. A little over a year ago, my dear friend Jaymee showed her appreciation for this quirk in me by making my daughter the most amazing tutu diaper bag. I got so many compliments on the bag that I quit using my Michael Kors and Kate Spade purses and now prefer to use her tutu bag for all matters on the go.

When I realized how easily I could customize the mundane items in my life into something magical, I began a campaign to rid my life of the beige and replace or reface them with brilliance! To some these may seem like trivial changes, but to me they are a necessity!

So what say you about my changes from drab to fab? Have my examples intrigued you? Chances are, you can think of a few things in your own life that could use a bit of your own personal flare. I encourage you to dive into this endeavor with both feet and zero abandon! Making the most minor changes can make all the difference. They can turn a house into a home, a day of errands into an opportunity to show your personality and your daily routine into something to be celebrated because it is uniquely you.

Note: Well, I have got to say, having received so many compliments on the things we have been making to bring out the whimsy in our own lives, the posse has begun to make like items and merchandizing them for those who admire our unique flare and want it to spice up their own daily shuffle. We are currently making preparations to be at the “Bay Village Historical Society’s 42nd Annual Antique and Craft Show and Sale” at the Bay Village Country Festival this Saturday, June 18th. If you can’t make it to come out and see us, tune in to hear our live podcast from the event. When asked about our merchandise by an event administrator, I answered that it’s “all things fun and fanciful”.

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5 thoughts on “All Things Fun and Fanciful

  1. Odet Ortiz

    I agree Bectoria!!! I LOVE the tutu diaper bag…it’s makes me want to have a baby girl just to carry one!! But than I remind myself I have two teenage boys so I will just have to purchase one for a gift instead…lol!! Great Blog!!!

    • Bectoria

      Thank you Odet. The tutu diaper bag is proof that a little frill can make just about anything fun and fanciful!

  2. A polar bear was on the Island because they were brought there by the DHARMA Initiative, who kept them in cages at the Hydra station, on Hydra Island. According to Pierre Chang, because polar bears possess keen memory and adaptability instincts, they were prime candidates for studies in electromagnetic research.

    Works Cited:

  3. Whimsygirl

    The POLAR BEAR!! LOL!!! Mac I love you!!! Stephanie and I co-conspired this little Lost addage for you and Lost fans everywhere! Do you see how much we love you? And the works cited? Too fun!

  4. Yes, I do feel the love. 😉

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