Little Touches of Fall Whimsy

Alright, so since my recent blog posts have been either
informative or sad, I realize it’s time for a little whimsy. As the leaves
begin to change and our evenings grow darker, I find it only fitting to talk
about all the whimsy and splendor the fall season has to offer. For some, fall
marks the end of fun. On the contrary, I see fall as a season of undiscovered
possibility, robust with opportunities for making very special memories.

Looking back at your own childhood, you may or may not have
fond memories of fall family traditions. You may not even live in an area that has
weather consistent with the North American Autumn ideal. Don’t let any of that
get you down. Take a hint from fellow a blogger who shares fun fall posts while
enjoying the sandy beaches of Hawaii at
I say that if a sun bathed beach babe can do it, anyone can get into the unique
autumn spirit!

So how does one go about embracing all of the nostalgia fall
has to offer? I’m glad you asked! One can go the easy route and read about fun
fall adventures at or you can follow some fun tips
right here and become a smartypants about making this whole season fun and

Making the House
Harvesty and Homey

Riddle me this… In the fall months, why do people always
rush inside the house from the car? For comfort from escaping the outside elements,
of course! A true smartypants would see this fact as an opportunity to spread a
little whimsy by filling said home with all of the comforts this season has to
offer. Greet guests and loved ones with the warm smell of fresh-baked cookies
or hot apple cider right when they come in the door. Since it’s traditionally a
wet season in most areas, have a place for them to wipe their feet, place an
umbrella and be sure to take their coats so they can enjoy the comfort you have
provided right away instead of having to stand at the door dripping.

In addition to greeting everyone with the wonderful smells
of fall, I like for my guests to see the special preparations I have made for
the season by decorating my home for the season too. As they come to the door,
all who enter are welcomed with straw seating nestled with pumpkins, fall
flowers and leafy scenery. I hang a festive fall wreath at the door, and spread
a fun collage of fall foliage atop a brown table cloth at the dining room
table. I also decorate my home with the welcome sight of warm throws and quilts
throughout every room. I have to say that a warm throw accompanied by a fire
can be irresistible this time of year.

Many associate fall with back-to-school. To give my home
that hint of nostalgia, I celebrate this time of year with all things crafty. Even
before I had my own little ones, I have always loved displaying arts and crafts
given to me by little kids. I also like to have fresh apples out in the
kitchen, just ready to tempt all who enter. To add to the feelings of nostalgia
I have fresh-baked scones or muffins ready-to-serve and an assortment of jams
and jellies in the fridge to go with them. I also have cookies in the cookie
jar ripe for the picking and a whole collection of cider and warm drinks ready
to warm any tired and chilly body. Taking the time to change out the hand soaps
to something fall-related gives that little touch that people will appreciate.
I then accompany those fragrances with candles that warm the home with all of
the wonderful smells of fall.

To make the switch from summer to all things fall, I embark
on my own little treasure hunt for fun fall recipes for all to enjoy. If this
sounds right up your alley, check out some of Stephanie’s posts right here at or look at
for some yummy ideas. For the health conscious blog followers, try for recipe ideas that
are equally as delightful.

If you’re like me, you like to accompany a good fall dinner
with the perfect glass of wine. I like making the switch from my summer
selections to bolder choices to accompany the dishes associated with this
season. My whites are a little more buttery and my reds tend to be of a bolder
cabernet sauvignon variety. Depending on the tastes of my dinner party guests,
I like to dabble with a variety of different cocktail recipes specifically
tailored with all of the flavor and color autumn has to offer. I have had a lot
of luck with and but I have to say, if it’s a fall-ish
night cap with friends you’re after, I always have to recommend a cigar with
bourbon. To me, that’s the black cat’s meow!

On some chilly fall nights, my family likes to share a
blanket and cuddle up next to an outdoor fire. Last week, our very own
Stephanie showed her home-making genius by warming cider directly over an open
fire while we all snuggled together by the fire. Such a perfect picture this
experience painted of all the wonderful whimsy fall has to offer. Quite Rockwell-esque
I’d have to say.

Fall Wardrobe Whimsy

Why wardrobe? Switching to different seasons should be marked
by what you wear because it usually indicates a change in the weather. Why not
celebrate cooler weather in a manner that’s planful rather than reactive? If
you follow these simple tips, chances are, you’ll feel better about the final
product. A transition from summer means a change to fall fashion. As much as I
hate to say goodbye to all things open-toed and sandally, I’d have to say that
this year’s collection of flats has me a bit excited. For the past few years
now, I have really enjoyed tricking my feet into thinking I’m still barefoot by
donning cute little flats that look like ballet slippers. Ever the whimsical
girl, I never like matching my shoes to ANYTHING I’m wearing. Wearing all or
mostly brown? Go with a fun fall-ish shade of rusty red! As the weather cools,
we can slowly work in those really fun boots that are starting to come out in
stores. Just remember, most are made for cold winter months as well. Consider
yourself warned! For those wetter and muddier activities, I’ve gotta
self-disclose a bit and say that I’m really digging the rubber shoes and boots
currently available by Michael Kors, Kamik,Kate Spade, Bogs and Sperry. To me,
when it comes to outdoor boots and shoes of this variety, the more colorful and
the uglier, but BETTER!

Now, let’s get down to business. For the rest of your fall
wardrobe, I recommend you do two things… First, plan ahead! We all know how fun
and relaxing the morning rush can be. <WINK!> Putting together complete
outfits is easier done when you don’t have less than a second to get dressed. Before
going out on that shopping spree I know you’re already planning, look through
your closet and find your favorite garments and then couple them with the
things you have that are in fall colors. Once you have the basics down, you’re
ready for my second rule… Layer! Sweater and skirt outfits are great for fall
but can be BRILLIANT when coupled with the right footwear, shawls, scarves,
belts and other outer layers and accessories. Once you have yourself
accessorized, please don’t forget the bling! I love wearing the jewelry that
has those warm browns and oranges that give the perfect final touch to any
outfit. Fall make-up and hair can be fun too. Making even the smallest changes
in hue and style can be super fun and make you feel even that much more

Fun Fall Festivities

Even though the trend may to spend more time inside during
this season, I encourage you to enjoy all that autumn has to offer outside.
Take a leisurely drive to take in all of the splendor of fall colors, stop at a
neat little coffee shop for a pumpkin-spice latte, trudge through the mud to
support a local youth soccer team, go apple picking, take a kid to a pumpkin
patch or take a loved one on a hayride, take a day and go on a trail-ride with
friends, spend a weekend away at a bed & breakfast, tailgate and attend a
football game, go on a chilly hike with someone special and then warm up at a
quaint café, enjoy the good eats and handicrafts of Amish Country, host an
autumn party complete with all things sugar and spice, attend a local Harvest Festival
or make seasonal pies with a group of friends. For more festive fall ideas, visit
your local city center’s website.

There is so much you can do to celebrate this very special
time of year. This post highlights the different parts of your life that can
enrich your every day by incorporating all things fall. I encourage you to take
the ideas from this post that speak to you and begin making your own festive fall
traditions with your loved ones.

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