Host A Family Game Night!

Looking for a fun and intimate night in with friends? Make
it a “Family Game Night”. No, I’m not talking about having a group of people
over to sit in front of a T.V., half-dazed while they watch some cartoons dance
across a screen. I’m talking about a good old fashioned game night with all the
eye-contact indicative of a night of true socializing! About a jillion years
ago, my husband and I moved to a new development with ALL new neighbors. We
found that having other couples and families over to play games was a great way
to get to know new people. Since then, we have continued the tradition with our
growing number of friends and I have to say, having a game night is always a
fun time for all. If this idea sounds irresistible to you, follow the steps
below to be a game-nighting smartypants like myself!

What a game-nighting smartypants
will need…

  • At least one or two other people
  • A minimum of two games to choose from. I
    recommend Cranium, Scattergories, Guesstures,
    Catch Phrase
    or Taboo.
  • Munchies and Refreshments to last an entire

How a smartypants
directs the flow of a game night…

When I receive my guests, I always like to have a few select
beverages they may like. Whether or not I choose to serve cocktails is
completely dependent on my guests. Either way, I have plenty of ice water,
lemonade and a variety of sodas available to set the casual mood. If I’m
serving some type of dinner, I keep it casual there as well and then am quick
to whip out the sweet and salty refreshments afterward. Keeping the
refreshments approachable helps guests feel welcome to snack at their leisure
as they enjoy the evening’s festivities. For more ideas, I recommend checking
out and
letting your imagination run wild!

Note: Only after dinner do I offer regular and decaf coffee,
teas and other hot beverages.

Once all of my guests have arrived, I allow time for them to
socialize as they eat, sip on a beverage and listen to some upbeat music in the
background (I prefer swing). I then bring out the arsenal of games and let them
determine what games will be played and in what order. If children are present
and the adult guests want to play a more complicated game, I invite the little
ones to play on “teams” with the adults. I always just happen to have a variety
of games and activities set up in the near vicinity for kids to enjoy in the
event boredom kicks in. I feel that this approach sets parents and the kids at
ease by making the statement that the children are indeed welcome.

Once the games and teams have been selected, there is
nothing left but to let the night of game-playing ensue. A hostess of the
smartypants variety will be sure to keep the mood light and the refreshments
and games in constant motion to ensure for everyone’s enjoyment throughout the
evening. If you follow these simple rules as I do, you’ll find that you too can
host a game night that is so fun it’s worth repeating!

Note: Like my idea for
a fun night with friends? Comment back with your favorite games that others
should try. If you have any suggestions, I’m game to try them!

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