Blessing Baby. A story of baby gifts and other gestures of a thoughtful nature.

Once upon a time there was a very lucky new mother who received the most wonderful gifts imaginable.  These gifts were so thoughtful and useful they were every new parent’s dream.  Gifts like these took some planning but allowed everyone to celebrate the arrival of the new baby as each gift was given with love for the family and a heart for the spirit of giving.

At the beginning of her pregnancy the mother-to-be showed her smartypants by researching all things baby. She did so by reading blogs like  and Blogs like these gave her some useful information on how to get started in building her nursery and stocking up in preparation for her new arrival. The expectant mother extraordinaire continued her on-line research by visiting, and where she learned more about the items that she had in mind for her own bundle of joy. This savvy mommy-to-be then completed her research by clicking away at to purchase some books on parenting and then talked with friends and other moms about all the mama must-have’s. These friends also gave her some useful pointers on what items she should probably just skip altogether. After completing her homework, this mom headed to stores like Babies R Us, and Target  to create a baby registry tailored to her growing family’s unique style and needs.

From her family, the new mother received large gifts that she had registered for,  including a high chair, a swing with all the bells and whistles, and a stroller with the matching car seat that came equipped with all of the latest safety features. From her uncle, this savvy mama received an extra car seat base that she had registered for, following the wise advice from a trusted friend. This extra base would be used in the family’s second car, allowing for easy baby transport without the headache of strapping, shifting and clicking associated with sharing just one base.

Because she was such a sweet and gracious woman, the mother-to-be was thrown a baby shower which was attended by her close friends but also members of her Church, friends of both grandmother’s-to-be and neighbors. The shower guests who did not know the mother very well were thoughtful in remembering that everyone’s tastes are different and so they all decided to purchase gifts that the mother had pre-selected on her registry. One guest loved the art of crochet and so  she included a hand-made pair of booties, but showed her own savvy by using them as a bow;  affixing them to the wrapped gift which was an item the mother had registered for.

Knowing her tastes a little better the close friends of the expectant mother waited and allowed other guests to purchase gifts from the mother’s registry. When enough time had been given for every guest to make a selection, some  friends used their savvy and completed registered for sets so the mother had enough supplies to have a functional nursery upon the baby’s arrival.  

When all items from the registry had been purchased, other friends gave the perfect gift. Knowing that the mother-to-be preferred function and practicality, these friends created gift baskets made up of things the mother would need in caring for her new baby. These items included baby bath shampoo, diapers, diaper cream, a bulb syringe, baby wipes, portable baby wipes, burp cloths, bibs, nail clippers, a baby thermometer, a humidifier and still MORE diapers.  

The mother-to-be was grateful for all of the thoughtful gifts that she had been given. The burden of supplying her home removed she was able to be excited in anticipating the new baby’s arrival.

At last, the splendid due date had arrived and the healthy, happy baby was able to meet the doting parents for the very first time. After the baby’s birth, the new mother was thrilled to be visited by close family and friends. Each visitor brought a very thoughtful gift to celebrate the occasion. All visitors were respectful to call ahead and knew not to visit before 10 AM and only stayed for no less than 15 but no more than 45 minutes so as to allow plenty of rest time for the new family. Along with the usual flower and balloon bouquet’s, mid-morning and afternoon guests brought warm, gourmet drinks and coffees  to suit the preferences of the new parents. Guests coming just around lunch or dinnertime would bring a special beverage for the mother and a delicious meal for the new father, who was staying at the hospital along with the mother and new baby.  Among all of the thoughtful packages brought by visitors, the new mother most cherished the little gift bags of specialty lotions, nail care items, shower gels and body splashes that she could use to pamper herself while still in the hospital.

After arriving home with their new little bundle of joy, friends and loved ones provided comfort and support to the family once again by delivering fresh and frozen meals. Delivering frozen, ready-to-prepare meals ensured that no one’s efforts would be wasted due to an over abundance of food at any one time. Other’s visiting the new baby at home brought gift baskets filled with healthy, specialty snacks for the parents that could be held with one hand. These snacks were ideal for the parents  who would be spending the next several weeks doing almost everything one handed. The other of course being occupied by the new baby.

Friends of the father and co-workers of both parents showed their own smartypants by pooling their money to purchase out-of-the-norm  gifts that  would prove to be just as practical. Some of these gifts included a digital camera with great stabilization features, a food processor that could be used for preparing baby food, an external hard-drive and gift cards for a local photography studio.

The new family also received thoughtful gift cards enclosed in cards of congratulations and well wishes from friends and family living out of the area. The new family so wished that they could be in closer proximity to these loved ones in celebrating this happy new step in their lives. As a consolation however, they were happy to receive these thoughtful gestures, knowing that they were being loved and supported despite the distance.

And so it went for this happy new family. Having all of the necessities and special creature comforts any new family may need, the three went on celebrating the many blessings life had to offer as they lived happily ever after.

Note: Just as we might learn helpful life lessons from any fairytale, the above post is meant to be a fun way of offering a couple of hints that you can use if ever you have the blessed occasion of celebrating a new life with a loved one.

(Okay, it’s also to celebrate the arrival of Stephanie and Mac’s new babies! Congratulations you guys!)

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