Reindeer Poo Goo!

Okay parents! Are your kids home for winter  break? Time to roll up your sleeves and have some old fashioned messy, yucky fun!  I am always a fan of adding science to a child’s regular set of activities. The following activity is guarenteed to be a fun way to have some seasonal, science fun!


What you will need:

•1/2 cup flour
•¼ cup oatmeal
•¾ cup water

•1 tsp. salt
•3-4 drops Christmassy food coloring

1.In bowl, mix flour and oatmeal together.
2.Add salt.
3.In a separate, smaller bowl mix food coloring to water together.
4.Add liquid mixture to dry ingredients and stir until you have goo (add more water if necessary)

Why make Reindeer Poo Goo? Because it’s disgustingly fun, of course!

Also… Finding creative and unique ways to help kids flex their brain muscles is an excellent way to spend breaks from school. “Learning about polymers, or glues, does not have to be a boring chemistry lesson… [Making reindeer poo goo] helps children discover the fun side of adding properties together to create a completely different product. Parents can get a head start in teaching about polymers by visiting Children can also “ask a scientist” about polymers at Cornell University by visiting  product.” (



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