Make Soap Art!


Now, lets just humor me and everybody pretend you don’t see the dirty corners in this picture, but my messiness does not negate the super awesome funness of this project!

Got a bar of Ivory soap lying around your house somewhere? (or even better, a partial bar!) Pop it in the microwave and stand by to see what happens. It will only take a few seconds before things will start to get crazy!!! Just be ready to stop it before it cascades right out of its dish!

Ivory is near and dear to my heart because it’s whipped together with lots of air. This makes it famous for its buoyancy, and makes it kind of just explode when those microscopic pockets of air are heated till they expand!

This project is nothing less than life altering for two reasons:

1. That fluffy soap mass beside your sink will be so much more convenient for hand washing than a bar. Just break off a piece! Remember what it was like the first time you washed your hands with the foaming soap instead of the normal liquid stuff. Yeah. It’s kinda’ like that.

2. All the kids in your house will think you’re a crazy awesome insane mad scientist!

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