Resolve to Budget Your Time and Money for the Greater Good

As we reach the end of 2011 and enter through the big door of 2012 many households look to the task of filing their taxes. I do not claim to be an expert on anything but whimsy and am not about to advise our readers on anything but nonesense. What I will do, however, is remind our readers about a post I wrote in the spring of this year titled “Sneaky Cheap and Charitable”. Here I recommended that charity was not only a favored item on tax returns but that the act of making charitable donations can do a lot for the greater good.

If you find yourself ending this past year having not made the charitable contributions you would have hoped, use this as a opportunity for personal growth. Make it your New Year’s resolution to use what you have to make more charitable donations in the coming year. If you are concerned that there isn’t enough to cover even your own expenses, why not resolve to take another look? In the above-mentioned post, I recommended ways to save on personal expenses so that there will be more for others each month. Hosting fundraisers, even garage sales, is a good way to raise funds for good causes. I don’t mean to guilt anyone into giving money they don’t have. If your budget doesn’t allow you to give financially, I encourage all readers to consider donating time. There are a number of orgnizations that rely heavily on volunteers. Volunteering your time and efforts is a wonderful way to contribute to making your community better.

If you’re still looking for some charities to give a contribution to, I recommend that you identify organizations that relate to your interests. If you’re outdoorsy, you may want to look into supporting organizations that work to preserve wildlife or nature preserves. If you have a passion for helping women in need, there are a number of organizations to help this group in a number of different ways. The list of charities and organizations you can help with is seemingly endless. I know that, for my family, over this past year we chose to help organizations that our family as a whole decided to support.  Two of these charities include the Salvation Army at and St. Jude Children’s Hospital at These charities support causes that my family is interested in helping out with, but they are only an example of the various organizations that would greatly benefit from charitable support in the coming year.

I encourage all readers to take a quick look at budgets and schedules before deciding how finances and time would be best spent in the coming year. As a result of this, giving even the smallest amount could go a long way for the greater good.

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