A Celebration of Sweatpants: Defending the Typical Uniform of a Stay at Home Mom




Lately I’ve noticed a trend in the blogging world.  More and more, stay at home moms are taking pictures of themselves in their various outfits, to hold themselves accountable to actually GET dressed in the first place, and to not fall into the rut of wearing yoga pants every day.  A couple inspiring features are The Pleated Poppy with her regular “What I Wore Wednesday”.  Or for something a bit quirkier, I appreciate Rachel at Smile and Wave, with her recurring “Vintage Here, Vintage There” posts.    Sweatpants have become a symbol of a stereotypical unkempt mother, and, I know there’s a lot of truth to the generalization.

Yet, as inspiring and interesting as it is to read about these kick-butt moms with fashionable priorities, I think it’s time to question the trend and have a little discussion about the beauty of a good, old-fashioned, well-loved pair of sweatpants!

Here’s my top ten favorite things about sweatpants:

10.  You can’t beat the price!  Head out to Walmart and you can easily cover your lower half for $10-$12 dollars.  $5 if you hit the clearance rack!

9.  No more excuses when it’s time to exercise!  You’re ready to go!  No more excuses when it’s time to nap!  You’re dressed in extreme comfort!  If you’re recovering from a birth (a recovery period that can last up to 18 years…) your sweatpants can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your wellness at the forefront of your mind!

8.  They double as warm PJs!

7.  Are you more likely to wrestle on the floor with your little ones if in your skinny jeans, or your yoga pants?  I think we know the answer!

6.  They wash easily, and shrinkage is rarely a concern!

5.  It’s easy to change sweatpants super quickly over a pair of sneakers.  Something that comes in handy if you have a little 3 month old lap sitter that’s particularly prone to blow outs and spit up!

4.  They pack easily in a diaper bag.  Something that comes in handy if you have a 3 month old lap sitter that’s particularly prone to blow outs and spit up!

3.  They’re very forgiving to the rapid shape changes that can occur during our child bearing years.

2.  There’s nothing like a tailored pair of yoga pants to showcase how–ehem–well rounded one is.

1.  A well stocked drawer of cute sweatpants just makes a mom’s life easier!

Top it off with a nostalgic throw-back T-shirt and the cutest pair of athletic shoes you can find!  Add your perkiest ponytail, a wink of mascara, and a wide, genuine smile, and I promise, you’ll look far from frumpy!  If you love your role in life and feel great about the person you’re becoming, drop the guilt, don your sweats, and let the fashionistas eat their hearts out!



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