Dino-Tail Hairstyle

I was inspired to write this post after fixing a fun hairstyle for my daughter yesterday. It was “Dino-day” and I, owning no clothing even remotely dino-ish lent myself to my creative properties and whipped up a quick hairdo that was sure to please. Well, please it did! After getting nothing but rave reviews from the local preschool that my daughter attends, I decided that I needed to write a quick post and share my genius with the masses.

What you’ll need…

Hair elastics (approx 4-5)

Bobby pins (about a dozen)

Hair spray

What to do…

Simply separate the hair into four to five separate sections by making ponytails in a straight line down the center of the child’s head. You can gather the hair for the top pony by using the top hair and then gather sections of the side hair to make the remaining ponytails. The bottom ponytail should house all remaining hair.

You will then make each ponytail into mini buns by first twisting each ponytail and then wrapping it around the elastic for each given ponytail. Secure each mini bun with bobby pins. From this point you will have what look like spikes going down the center of the child’s head.

Leave approx. half the ponytail length out for the last ponytail and allow that to hang freely. This acts as the dino’s tail.

All that’s left is to use hairspray to prevent those pesky fly-aways.

Your child’s head should now resemble the back and tail of a dinosaur. Happy dino days!

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