Playing DJ with the kids! (How to Avoid “Dead Air” in Your Life)

Good afternoon, SmartyPants!   I’ve been scarce on here recently.  The fact is, my second child was born almost 5 months ago, and I’ve STILL been struggling to regain any semblance of the (sorta) orderly life I had with one child.

After weeks of arguing with Stephanie (the 4SmartyPants blogger with 37 children), she outright refuses to write a post revealing all her secrets.  Only recently has it occurred to me, that maybe there really AREN’T any secrets.  Maybe life with young children is just plain chaotic, unpredictable, messy, and HARD!

I have to laugh at myself.  I mean, after all, how could I not have realized before that two kids would be twice as many as one?!  But, as much as I struggle, at least I’ve come up with a fun productivity game to help me deal with it all!

Pretend you’re a radio DJ!

Like many media majors in college, I took my turn at the mic of our campus radio station.  Today,  most stations have converted to automated computer systems, but my first year, I had the privilege of using antiquated technology like CDs, mini-discs, and unscreened telephone calls!  The first thing they teach you before handing over the golden mic, is to always think three steps ahead.  Yes, every evening held a basic outline, but with callers, requests, and all the technical difficulties that tend to multiply when manned by amateurs, having your next three moves plotted out like a chess player can save even the inexperienced from the curse of dead air!

So now, when both kids are screaming and I find myself staring at them blankly from a knee deep pile of toy debris, I rescue myself with my mad college DJ skills.  Just three steps:  Put the baby in the Bumbo, grab my preschooler a cheese stick, clear a path to the bathroom.  Wash off the paci, kiss the boo boo, vacuum the spill.  Then pick the next three more most urgent steps.  Before I know it, the chaos dies down a little, and slowly but surely, a bit of order comes back into my home.  1, 2, 3, 1,2, 3, waltzing through my day.

I don’t play the game every day, but when there’s so much that needs tamed that it just seems impossible, playing DJ can make me feel like I’m back in control.

So, quick, life is crazy:  What are YOUR next three steps?  GO!

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