Stay-At-Home Sophistication

My son and I fold clothes while we learn a new chutney recipe.

As a laid back stay-at-home mom, it’s not unusual for me to fall into a rut.  With no accountability, no deadlines,  and really, not even a good reason to change out of pajamas sometimes, it’s easy to start disconnecting from your community, losing self respect, and starting to feel less like Martha Stewart, and more like that gal from the “Red Neck Woman” song!  Days start to run together, and it can feel like you’re losing the person you were before they called you, “Momma”.

If you’re as familiar with this struggle as I am, let me share with you a quick little tip that helps me bounce out of the funk:  Learn something new.

Simple, right?  It works especially well when you learn something that you really don’t NEED to know.  Get a dose of sophistication by connecting to the finer things in life.  Go on iTunes and download a free Coffee Break French podcast.  Turn on PBS and watch a documentary about ornamental chickens.  Read someone’s biography.  Go on The Verge or Gizmodo and geek out to the latest technology news.  The internet is so full of free streaming video and audio, you’re sure to find something simple you can enjoy while washing dishes, folding clothes, or giving the kids a bath.  My mom always said, “If you learned something new, the day has not been wasted!”

Those of us that are staying home with the kids sometimes forget that it’s such a unique privilege and such a fleeting season of life!  Make the most of it!  Who knows, maybe by the time the kids are in school, you’ll have become the worlds leading expert on… well, on whatever!  What did you learn today?

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