It’s Like They Can Smell Scissors

Last week i shared with you a little of my crazy life.

Just yesterday I was sitting in the living room looking at my 3 year old daughter, Campbell, observing just how beautiful she is becoming and noting that her hair, which was once just some strange fuzz with a few wispy strands, was now long and flowy and in my opinion- striking. She bounces around and is in every way just as adorable as it gets. Her signature look for so long was cute little pigtails until recently when her hair looked gorgeous just down and “unfixed.” Frequently, as of late, my husband or I will say to the other, “Campbell is so pretty all of a sudden.” She has always been cute, but some of the baby-ness is leaving and being replaced with big girl looks.
This is her yesterday:


And then this morning happened. Before my husband or I had even opened our eyes, our 3 oldest munchkins had stealthily come down the stairs and started doing what they do. It wasn’t until I had fed them and showered that I began to notice something wasn’t right. This is not something you want to find on the floor in your living room:


Yep. Someone’s hair had been cut. But whose? And with what? Well, whose you ask? Everyone’s, that’s whose! How I had talked to all 3 of them and failed to notice their new dos is beyond me, though I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the total lack of sleep I had thanks to this dude:


Precious as he is, he is not one for getting some shut-eye anytime between the hours of 2-7:30 am, these days. And intelligent as I like to think I am, I stayed up until 2 am this morning working on a sewing project. Winning combo, I know.

Upon further investigation, I pieced together that Adeline (who is 4) managed to get her hands on my sewing scissors, which were inside a box above eye level behind several items.

It’s like they can smell scissors.

She cut a few locks from Anderson’s hair (her twin), who thankfully was already scheduled to have his hair cut tomorrow. She then cut a 6 inch long chunk from the right front section of her own hair. This pains me because she has NEVER had her hair cut and I LOVE her beautiful, long hair. This is Adeline’s hair:


We will probably have 6 inches cut off the rest of it to even it up, and I just can’t tell you how sad I am to do it.


Then she cut Campbell’s hair. At first glance, you don’t really notice. (I didn’t, for the first hour I was awake!)


But from the side view, it’s pretty mullet-y.


It’s hideous. And now she’s going to have to have it all cut and will likely be sporting a mushroom look for awhile.

Seriously. I just.. wha? I, I just….. I don’t…. (sigh).

I know it will grow back. (But it took 3 and 4 YEARS respectively for it to grow this long!) I have since taken a chill pill and a deep breath and realized it’s not the end of the world. I have gone through the house and moved all the scissors to even higher ground.

Just thought you all might like to hear how my morning started. Hopefully it encourages you that if this crazy lady is surviving, you might be able to pull through as well. Hang in there!!!!

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