YES! You CAN thaw it in the microwave!!!


I might be telling you too much embarrassing information about myself, but after SEVEN years, I JUST NOW learned how to properly defrost items in my microwave!  It works like a charm!  No more stressing out about forgetting to thaw the meat in my fridge overnight!   No more weird chewy pieces in the meat I tried to thaw just trying to “nuke it really quick”…  I love it!

How about you?  Do you know how to use your own appliances?  Don’t be like me!  USE your electronics the way they were intended!  Are you confused?  Don’t have the old manuals?  A quick Google search can find you electronic scans of 90% of the product manuals out there!

So now, go program your VCR!  Then come back and tell me how it went!

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