The Lucky Mess!

By Bectoria Crandall

Okay. So this post was supposed to go up LAST week, but due to an epic  failure, it didn’t get up in time, so… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!-belated as it may be.

The name of this post was SUPPOSED to be “Four Leaf Clover Hair” but I couldn’t get it to hold it’s shape so we’re rolling with the punches and calling it “The Lucky Mess”. It’s still very cute, so I think it’s post worthy.

My free spirited five-year-old sporting “The Lucky Mess”

My little girls enjoy celebrating special days by dressing up. Similar to my Dino Hair post, I decided to get a little creative and play around with hairstyles for St. Pat’s -a fun day of all things green. I was dreaming up St. Pat’s themed icons when it came to me… Four Leaf Clover Hair! Well, after trial and error, I didn’t attain what I was looking for, but feel that MY result was still very cute. Those more adept at hairstyling can probably get four little clover buns by following the steps below. If you’re like me and end up with something very different, I’m betting you’ll still be happy with the result.

What you will need…

Four Hair Elastics

A Leprechaun’s Lot of Bobby Pins

Green Ribbon


Section hair and make four ponytails forming a diamond

Using ribbons, affix ribbons to the center of each ponytail

Make ponytails into the shape of a bun by turning sections of each ponytail outward from the center and then curling the section around your finger. Once you have formed a curl with your finger, bobby pin it in place.

Repeat technique by making your ponytails into four separate buns

Sounds easy enough, but my execution was all off.

The “Lucky Mess” curly, ribbony fun!

Oh well. I’m still going to keep styling my girl’s hair this way with the mindset that I’ll be happy whatever the outcome!

NOTE: If you try this method and have some pointers, I’d love to hear them!

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