The Waste-Not Wardrobe: You DON’T Need a Little Black Dress!

Alrighty folks,  I have to admit, when I told the other SmartyPants about this post, they thought I was nuts!  Perhaps if they read the first two parts of this series over on the.happy.homester, they’d understand that 1.) this country has major issues with buying clothes we never wear! And 2.) After finding myself with a full closet and nothing to wear, I’m on a quest to build a closet full of winners… clothes I’ll LOVE and wear over and over and over again!

That being said, Easter Sunday is less than a week away.  A lot of us are running to the mall to shop for dressy clothes this week.  What better time for me to take my stance against convention and tell you what you DON’T need in your closet?!



Yeah.  Stacy and Clinton are bound to show up at my door over this bold statement, but it’s true.  The classic, so well known in fashion circles that its been abbreviated to the simple “LBD”, is, in my humble opinion, the most useless piece of clothing most women own.

Let me ask you:  Just how many snazzy little cocktail parties do you think the average woman attends?  Other than date night, and your boss’s Christmas party, there’s not too many places you can wear the LBD.

A bright summer day? You’re gonna wear black?  Didn’t think so!

Easter Sunday coming up?  Who wears black on Easter?!

As a pastor’s wife, I attend far more funerals than the average 29 year old.  You know what you DON’T wear to a funeral?  BLACK.  Almost never.  Unless it’s your husband that died.

So, to review, you can’t even wear your LBD to a FUNERAL!!!

What a loser item taking up space in your closet!

You know what’s more versatile?  Brown, or grey, or navy, or beige… or pretty much ANY other color besides black!  My goodness!  Why not try this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Look, if you love black, and you want a black dress, go ahead.  But I’m just saying, the LBD gets credit for versatility she just doesn’t have.  Yes, CERTAINLY, have a basic dress you can use for several different looks.  But make sure you can AT LEAST wear it to a wedding or a funeral if needed!

Neutral dress examples are from
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