Getting More Use Out of Your Daughter’s Dress You Spent $1 Million On!

By Bectoria Crandall

Now that the excitement of Easter is beginning to fade, many moms are stuck with a very important question. What do you do with the $1 million Easter dress you bought for your daughter? For some, there’s Church, the occasional wedding, brunches, tea parties and dinners out. But let’s face it, all put together, there are only a handful of places your daughter will be able to wear that fancy dress before she grows out of it. Before losing all hope, approach your problem like a smartypants!

Even though I have the luxury of passing my daughter’s clothes down, my eldest, the fashionista that she is, gets attached to certain items in her wardrobe. This Spring, she became heartbroken that I was about to pass on one of her fav dresses from last year. It was then that the solution hit me. Since the top portion was the only part of her dress that was too snug, why not cut that part off?

Removing the snug part of the dress and adding a waistband to the bottom created a very cute little skirt. Pairing this “new” skirt with a matching tank made a very cute little spring/summertime outfit. It also brought a great big smile to my five-year-old’s face. Did I mention it only took 5 minutes?

If you’re looking to stretch the life out of last Spring’s fav fashion, here’s how to do it…

Remove the top part of the dress from its skirt by cutting at the seam. If there is no seam, be sure to cut straight across, leaving enough room for a 5/8″ finished seam.

Once you have a finished seam, stitch on a blanket binding to create a casing at the waist.

Add elastic by pulling it through the inside of the blanket binding casing. (For efficienty, I pin one end of the elastic with a safety pin and use that to pull it through the casing).

Stitch the ends of the elastic together.

Overlap the blanket binding to close the waistband and stitch together.

Place on your daughter and watch the smile grow!

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