Treat Yo Self: 30 Minutes is All It Takes


Did anybody else go see the move “Date Night” a year or two ago?  It’s hard to say no to Steve Carell and Tina Fey as a busy married couple just desperate for a relaxing night out without the kids.  In what to me is the most memorable scene, the couple are in a car, revealing to each other their most intimate fantasies.  Fey’s character responds:

“If anything, I fantasize sometimes about being alone. There are times when I just thought about, on my worst day, just you know, leaving our house and just going some place like checking into a hotel and just being in a quiet room by myself, just sitting in a quite air-conditioned room, sitting down, eating my lunch, with no one touching me, drinking a Diet Sprite, by myself.”

“That’s sick!” Carell responds in disgust, while I’m laughing my head off because I think every mom knows that feeling ALL TOO WELL!

You ever have one of those Diet Sprite days?  Here’s the deal, sometimes I just need to get out of the house.  Away from the kiddos.  I just need to go some place where I can have dignity.  Some place where I’m not constantly barraged with other people’s slobbers and boogers and other unwelcome bodily functions.  Some place where I can go to the bathroom by myself.

I think a lot of moms feel like they have to wait until they can have a whole afternoon or a girls night to get out of the house.  But seriously, I think every SAHM can and SHOULD get out of the house at least once or twice a week for a little 30-60 minute coffee break.  (Or tea break, or juice break, or smoothie break.  You know, whatever floats your boat.)

My challenge is to give it a try this week.  Ask your spouse if they can handle the kiddos for 45 minutes to an hour, and just go somewhere, even if it’s just McDonalds.  Sit at a window.  And, if nothing else, enjoy a quiet, guilt free, Diet Sprite.  See if you don’t come home feeling refreshed, and ready to be a better spouse and mom!

What’s your favorite escape?

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