5 Ways to Focus–Have a Business Meeting with Yourself!

I think I might have ADD.  I wasn’t diagnosed as a kid or anything, but I do remember it took me HOURS to do my schoolwork, while everyone else seemed to be able to blaze right through it.  I was always a super creative and super annoying kid to my classmates.  I didn’t get much love from my school teachers.  (Until I was home schooled, then I was the teacher’s pet, but that’s a different story.)  And  I’ve always found myself attracted to people with classic cases of ADHD.  (Like my husband.)  I feel flattered when people call it, “hyper creative.”

Focus is a theme I constantly revisit in my life.  The FlyLady has a phrase, “Focus makes me fabulous,” and sometimes I think that should become my personal mantra.  Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share 5 techniques  that really help me when I want to start getting things done.

1.  Have a business meeting with yourself.

Stephanie and Bectoria know I’m weirdly giddy about a good business meeting.  Maybe it’s because I have more pop-psycology/corporate dogma on my bookshelf than Jack Donaghy, or maybe it has something to do with my strange feelings toward office supplies (I love the way they SMELL!), but something about a table, a cup of coffee, a pen, and a blank page is soothing to my soul.  Last weekend, I told you about my “Diet Sprite” escapes.  I’ll often turn this into a little business meeting I have with myself to set goals for the upcoming week in my home.  I don’t know why, but it helps me so much to take myself physically outside of my home (if I can) as I make plans and goals for homemaking.

 I have a lovely planner (in fact I have it by my side right now) that I doodle in and make sloppy notes all over.  At the end of my “business meeting”, I like to know what’s on the schedule and what we’ll have for dinner each night, as well as where I plan to fit in weekly tasks, and lately, what creative goals (decorating, crafts, blogging, etc.) I want to achieve in the given week.

This loose plan helps me feel secure, and helps me really think about everything I want to achieve in a given week.  I often struggle to start projects I know could get pretty involved.  Having everything loosely doodled out on my calendar makes me a little less apprehensive and frees me up to pursue more creative interests while still balancing quality time with the kiddos!

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