Your Smartphone is the Enemy

Do you check your Facebook before you start your morning?  Even if you don’t belong to “Generation Twitter”, it’s tradition to enjoy a coffee over the morning paper.  No big deal, right?  Frankly, I didn’t think of it as a negative thing either, until I tried going without my morning fix.   This brings me to #2 in my Five Ways to Focus series:

But turning OFF your smartphone is just common sense.  If you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, try going through your morning without even turning it ON!

When I avoid my smartphone in the morning, my clarity of thought is incredible!  Catching up on the news, seeing who has (or, rather, who hasn’t) retweeted me, and learning that Gap jeans are 20% off gives me “mind clutter” before I’ve even told my children “Good Morning!”  Wait till lunch to do your emails, and see if you don’t feel relief as well!

I used your favorite device to get you here, but the point is not your smartphone at all.  Maybe your Facebook App is the sophomoric banter you hear on your morning drive radio.  Maybe it’s Kathy Lee Whatsherface on the TV over breakfast.  Maybe it’s the water cooler chit chat before you clock in at work.  Frankly, I still often check my smartphone first thing, but a quiet morning, blissfully void of the news of the day can do wonders for your focus, your productivity, and really, your soul.  Give it a try, and enjoy a morning of mindfulness.

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