Only A Mom

By Bectoria Crandall

Only A Mom…

-would stay up until 2am to finish making costumes for her child’s school play

-thinks nothing of playing personal chauffeur for her children

-would go Christmas shopping in June

-would consider painting her toenails while balancing on one foot “pampering”

-would clean her car with baby wipes

-will wake up before the birds and stay up long after what is considered sane just so her kids can discover their talents

-can bling up ANYTHING

-would regularly sacrifice her social life for her child’s

-would use the “lick the finger and wipe” maneuver to clean anything off of her child’s face

-can spend ten tireless hours making the “perfect” birthday cake

-knows the perfect song to sing when her child wakes up with a fever

-would consider reading a book “procrastinating”

-can go to the bathroom and be greeted by everyone in her family

-would spend any amount of time or money to make a DIY school project “just right”

-knows where all of the good “hiding places” are

-would spend hours watching her children kick a ball in the rain-and then serve cookies

-can consider the teen years “endearing”

-would carry 1000 crumpled tissues in her pocket-that aren’t hers

-can change a diaper, help with homework and talk on the phone all at the same time

-would drive to ten stores just to find that “perfect” Christmas dress

-knows all of her child’s fears and favorites

-can make a booboo go away with a kiss, a song and a smile

-will cry twice as hard when her children are sad

-will laugh out loud when her children are glad

-will stand with pride when they achieve

-will mourn days past when they grow and leave

-would trade anything if given the chance, to hold her babies for one more dance

Thank you moms for all you do

Go celebrate

This day’s for you!

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