Look Mom! I’m Eating my Oatmeal! — 30 Days of Eating Vegan at Aldi

Confused by this? Click HERE for details.

Day one of my thirty day challenge! (Although this won’t post until day two!) This is a piece of cake so far! (I’m like two hours in.) This morning I enjoyed my favorite vegan breakfast. Oatmeal! Of course, I’m not going to use the little packets of instant crap, so take note: Here’s how to do the REAL stuff–old fashioned oats, super easy.

Get out your rice cooker. (You need one of these, by the way.) Dump in the amount of oatmeal you think you’ll eat. Dump in apx. twice as much water as oats. (Just eyeball it.) Turn on rice cooker, go take a shower, or feed the baby or catch up on your Facebook. Return to rice cooker, and eat some delicious old fashioned oats.

You can sweeten it with a little maple syrup (just make sure it’s the real, unprocessed stuff… and they DO sell that at Aldi!), but I just cut up whatever fresh fruit I have on hand and mix it up, no sweetener added! I love it with fresh diced plums! Mmm!

My oats cook up in about the same length of time it takes to brew a pot of coffee. I guess, depending on the cooker you use, your mileage my vary.

It amazes me how filling and satisfying and long lasting this breakfast is. Oats are actually pretty rich in protein. Maybe that’s why.

Ah, but now my 3 year old is waking up, and he’ll prefer the more kid friendly version. Crispy Oats (Aldi’s version of Cheerios) and a banana!

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