10 Tips for Summer Decor and a Tour of my Summer Home

Alright people.  Our homes were warm and lovely for fall.  Christmas had our halls decked.  We had some lovely spring decorations for Easter.  But Sunday was Mother’s Day.  This is your cue to get your house decorated for summer.  What?  You don’t think of summer as a cause for seasonal decoration?!  You, my friend, are missing out.

Summer is a great time to decorate simply.  For most of us, this is a season of cookouts, travel, poolside play, and open windows!  With three patriotic holidays on the horizon (Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independance Day… then Labor Day after that), it makes perfect sense to add red, white, and blue for a touch of festive that can last all summer!  This year, I wanted my home to represent the traditional midwestern American summertime.

You can (and should!) do the same.  Need a way to get started?  Here’s 10 quick tips!

Now, all I need is a candle that smells like Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen.  Nothing brings back happy childhood memories like that smell!  I love putting it on my kids!  Now, what can you put in your home that will bring back those summers to you?  Go!  Get started!  It’s almost Memorial Day!

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3 thoughts on “10 Tips for Summer Decor and a Tour of my Summer Home

  1. Reny

    This all looks so clean, organized and interesting! I especially love the vintage items and using those wonderful suitcases for storage! And the daisies! Did the boys help you pick them?

    • Yes! Sammy was throwing a fit because we were leaving the library and he still wanted to have fun. I spotted these growing in the weeds behind a dumpster and said, “Hey Sam, how about we pick some flowers!” I just pulled up beside the dumpster, picked my daisies and let him hold them the rest of the way home. That was enough to satisfy him! Crisis averted!

  2. This article is brilliant, and looks like it should be in one of those fancy homemaker magazines.

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