Day Two and Our First Major Setback — 30 Days of Eating Vegan from Aldi

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Are you kidding me?  It’s day two.  Yes, just day two, and we’re already up against two setbacks, one minor, one a little more major.

First of all, we’ve both got the flu.  Achey, fever, and just plain cranky.  Bleck.

And even worse, my husband thinks he has diverticulitis.  His symptoms started last month when I was feeding our family a lot of flax, and seem to get better or worse depending on how strictly we’re adhering to our whole foods diet.  The recommendation is a liquid and/or low fiber diet until symptoms subside.  That means avoiding nuts and whole grains…  pretty much cornerstones of a whole foods, plant based diet.

I don’t understand what he’s going through, so I just sent him to Aldi to get some white bread and something to spread on it, just to give his system a rest for the day and see if it helps.  He brought home some stuff that was not only processed, but decidedly not vegan.


But you know, a setback is a setback.  Tomorrow, we’ll hopefully be over this flu and able to think a little more clearly.  Will we quit?  We can’t after I made that big speech in my first post about persevering through imperfection!  (I really dug my own grave on that one!)

For now, I’mma go take a tylenol and have some leftover whole grain pasta and veggies for lunch.  We were planning to make black bean tacos for some friends tonight, but the flu changed those plans.  My husband has been in bed all day, while I’m achey, but functional.  It might be peanut butter sandwiches for supper.


A quick note for those of you who are asking for menu plans…  I hear you.  Right now, I’m kind of winging this as I go along.  Menu planning isn’t my strongest skill, and I also want to create an experience that’s simple enough for a busy single mom to duplicate without much stress.

You’ll see me do a lot of stuff this month that involves dumping a can of beans in a skillet and free-styling from there, but I’ll probably also be linking to some of my favorite recipes from other vegan bloggers.  Maybe at the end of this, I’ll collaborate with Stephanie (a much more inventive cook) to create something a bit more thought out based on this experience, but we haven’t really discussed that yet.

Stay tuned!

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