Aldi Shopping Trip Tips — 30 Days of Eating Vegan at Aldi

Well, this weekend marked the first official shopping trip of my challenge.  Well, I mean, I stocked up the day before the challenge began, but I guess this is the first “embedded” shopping trip?  Does that make sense?

Let’s get down to brass tacks:

The total was 107 dollars and 33 cents!

What?  Not impressed?  Well let me frame it this way.  $32 were spent on paper plates, (my dishwasher’s broke) personal care products, (I decided to try Aldi’s skin care line–I already love their hair stuff) and don’t forget a week’s worth of diapers and wipes for two boys.  So, let’s just say I spent $75 on one week’s worth of mostly whole foods, fruits, and veggies!  I’m satisfied.

While I was bagging my groceries, I payed attention to the other families checking out and eaves dropped as the cashier announced their totals.  One woman and her daughter had a cart almost as full as mine.  Her food was not vegan, but still pretty healthy.  Whole wheat bread.  Unsweeted cereals.  Milk.  Eggs. Cheese.  Not a lot of veggies, though.  The total came to $102.  Next, a man and his son came through with their cart.  It was also nearly as heavy as mine, but his was full of frozen pizza, microwave burritos, canned foods, cookies, sugary cereal…  The cashier told him his total: $109.  Neither of these carts had the almost $15 worth of diapers and wipes like mine did.

If’ you’re planning to go to Aldi sometime before Wednesday, let me point out a couple highlights:

I’m sorry!  Fresh pineapple at just $1 a pop?!  YES PLEASE!!!  I bought three.

I actually had a cookout and a graduation party to attend over the weekend.  I threw together fruit salads for both events–you know, to celebrate my good fortune with the 99 cent pineapples.  Next time you need to make a fruit salad, just start with your favorite (for me that’s ALWAYS pineapple!) in a pretty round bowl, then work outwards adding contrasting colored fruits until you have a lovely flower pattern.  It’s just fruit, but the arrangement seems extra fancy!

And remember that herb garden I have in my window sill?  (cill?  I don’t pretend I know how to spill spell.)  Now’s a great time to start your own for little more than it costs to buy fresh cut herbs from the normal grocery store!  Just make sure to give them plenty of sunlight, and make sure the soil is moist every day.  Also, read this article.  It has really helped my garden this year!

And don’t forget Aldi’s seasonal treats!  This large bottle of “Berry Boost” (similar to the popular “Naked Juice”) was being clearanced off for just $2.50 a bottle!  We got two bottles and they’re already gone!  And these Peanut Puffs are a German delight at just 99 cents!  (Did you know Aldi is a German company?  Their chocolate is to DIE for, though it’s not allowed for me this month!)

Four simple ingredients… and although this is still DEFINITELY a splurge for someone on a “whole foods, plant based diet”, everybody needs an occasional treat!  It’s a sweet/salty peanuty “cheeto” sort of treat that confuses you in the first bite, delights you in the second bite, and has you begging for more by the third!  Delicious!

Finally, one reminder:  Every Aldi tends to have local deals when they’re overstocked!  Keep your eyes pealed for deals!  Red and Yellow peppers were 2 for 1 at my Aldi this week!  I’m excited to try my hand at some black bean fajitas!  What a delight!


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