Stuff the Soap & Sanitizer! A Genius & Germ Free Solution!

By Bectoria Crandall

Keeping kids clean is always a fun challenge. As we head into the summer months, I have no doubt that plans are rapidly being made for all types of summertime activities. Whether it be a day at the zoo, a play date at the park or even some fun in the sun in your own backyard all moms will soon face the all too familiar challenge of keeping kids hands clean and germ free.

While at a birthday party this past weekend, Stephanie and I saw the most ingenious idea for meeting the challenge of keeping kid’s germ free. We were at Bricks4Kids in Westlake, Ohio. The kids were about to take a much-needed pizza break (vegan free, I know!) when we saw it. The hand sanitizer all of the kids were using was made kid-friendly in the easiest of ways. The owners had placed little Lego pieces inside the bottle of hand sanitizer, making it cute, fun and irresistible. Genius!! Stephanie and I got all sorts of excited and immediately began taking pics of this creative solution. Totally pin-able!

This got me thinking. You know all that little plastic stuff your kids are drawn to and insist on hoarding? Instead of breaking your foot on them a thousand times, why not make them useful? These little “treasures” can be made into a fun, kid-friendly bathroom accessory. Just place them inside of a bottle of clear soap and whamo! You’ve just created a soap dispenser your kids will love-and use!

As most moms know, keeping a large bottle of hand sanitizer in your car is a summertime must! Why not cutie it up with some random & fun summer junk? With my mind racing I took the next available minute I had and began cramming my soap and hand sanitizer dispensers full of little plastic odds and ends my kids would be drawn to. The result? The hand sanitizer in my car now has little toy cars inside. The one in my garage is full of jacks and little rubber balls. The soap dispensers in our house are full of erasers (that never work anyway!), silly bandz and small plastic animals. My kids love what I created and made me promise to let them help the next time I feel the urge to fancy up some soap.

I urge all smartypants to try this creative solution. I’d love to hear what everyone comes up with!

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