What I’ve Learned at the End of my Challenge — 30 Days of Eating Vegan at Aldi

This Friday will mark the end of my 30 day vegan Aldi challenge.  Here’s what I’ve learned!

  1. I do GREAT on a whole foods, vegan diet!  I’ve felt SO much more energetic (with the exception of the time I cheated all week–then I felt like crap!), and I shed a whopping SIX POUNDS this month!!!  I didn’t even exercise, and didn’t once have to bother myself with portion control!  Cravings were pretty minimal compared to what I usually deal with!
  2. My husband DOES NOT do so great on a vegan diet.  He finds himself constantly snacking on empty calories since the main meals aren’t as filling.  Going forward, we’ll probably be getting him some of the whey protein snacks he enjoys, but neither of us are too interested in bringing back the meat.  Especially red meat.  We really don’t feel so well when we have beef now that we’re used to going without.
  3. Plan plan plan!  More about that in THIS POST.
  4. $70 a week.  On average, I spent about that much at each weekly grocery trip, including toiletries, paper goods, and diapers for two children.  That number will go back up as we bring back dairy, but it’s good to know I can feed our clan some pretty satisfying, nutritious meals at a fairly lean price.
  5. I pretty much intend to keep Aldi as my regular grocery store.  With the exception of quinoa, lentils, and tofu, most of the vegetarian foods we love are available there, and, once you’re accustomed to its quirks, there’s no faster place to shop.  If I get a chance to hit Walmart once a month, we should be just fine!

I hope you enjoyed following me through this challenge.  30 days is a LONG time to follow such strict rules, and my enthusiasm for the project definitely waned as I headed into the second half!  My next experiment will probably a little shorter!

Did anyone try any of the recipes I posted last week?  Care to share a favorite vegetarian dish?

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