A Stupid-Easy Summer Schedule Everyone Can Live With

Time to play in the garden can be magical to a child

Okay. So now the kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks and you’re running out of ideas. You may also feel the urge to lose a few marbles wondering how you’re going to get it all done whilst surrounded by the kiddies.

Don’t fret. Rest assured that these 4smartypants are happy to help! Instead of reverting back to television, video games or spending huge amounts of time, sanity and money on camps, outings and amusement parks, why not put some savvy into your schedule? Here’s what we do…

Instead of allowing the day to be wasted, we at 4smartypants organize each day with meaning. For me, I allow for some structure, like naps, learning time and meals to be surrounded by loosely organized activities. Within this structure, I allow for opportunities to get my household tasks done without taking time away from my kids. This is what a typical day looks like in my home…

Breakfast/Getting Ready (I put in a load of laundry while kids are dressing)

Learning Time (Home schooling books are great for this! I can do dishes while I help)

Arts & Crafts or Trip to the Park or Pool

Free Play (While I switch a load of laundry and make lunch)


Reading Time

Nap (I pick one chore item to do each day then fold & put away laundry)

Free Play (While I check emails or write)

Dance Party (Use your imagination!)

Outdoor Play (I usually study lines for my play or go over edits for my book at this time)

Game or Outing

Clean-Up (They can pick up while I vacuum and sweep)

Coloring (While I Cook)


Family Time (Everything’s done or can wait ‘til tomorrow. Time to enjoy the family)



Story & Bedtime (I do my shopping after the kids go to bed)

Playtime with your children is a treasure that should never be wasted

I realize that the above outline looks like just a lot of common sense. When I was an activities coordinator, I learned that writing down a simple outline of structured, daily activities allowed me to get the most out of my day. I have since incorporated the same practice into my home life with great success. With this schedule, the kids are content to have some structure mixed with nonsensical free-play and I am happy to have time built in to get my daily tasks done.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend tugging up those smartypants and giving it a go with a schedule that works for you!

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3 thoughts on “A Stupid-Easy Summer Schedule Everyone Can Live With

  1. Wow, you sound organized!

  2. Amanda Politte

    When I started reading this sample day schedule, I was on board, taking it seriously, and agreeing with it. After all, I have 4 kids ages 4 and under and I know that some structure and routine combined with some room for improvisation work very well for keeping them well-adjusted, happy, and busy….then I kept reading, and while I understand that small children have small attention spans and they don’t have to stick with any activity very long, I also realized that even if most things on this list were only 10 minutes long, just the time spent transitioning to and from each activity, and prepping the kids for each thing would take far more time than we have in a day. So the more I read, the more I began to think this was a joke and when I got to the bottom of the schedule it would say something like “Ha! Then you come back to the real world and realize that you can only accomplish half of this in one day!” However, I found no such punch line, nor did anyone say “this probably isn’t a reasonable expectation for anyone who has more than one child” at the end. I usually enjoy the posts on 4SmartyPants, but this one left me scoffing and dumbfounded.

    • Haha, this homeschooling mom of 2 (one of whom is potty training this summer) totally agrees, Amanda. We’ve only scheduled trips and sports…but then we’re schedule-impaired homebodies so that’s sort of typical for us. I’m calling this summer a success if we can accomplish the sole task of teaching the little diva that poop goes in the potty and not in pretty panties, hehe!

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