What We’re About

“What if we told everyone we were centaurs?  You know, half human, half horse?”

“OR what if we were just 1/2 centaur, then it would be like we were 3/4 human which might be a little easier for our readers to swallow…”

This is just one example of how we’ve struggled with what exactly would set us apart from the other homey-crafty blogs out there.  And, honestly, we’re still struggling with it.

However, here’s what we do know:  The only expert on your home, your kids, and your life, is YOU!  As women, we all have unique challenges to overcome.  Mac can’t cook to save her life. Stephanie hasn’t slept in four years.  Jaymee’s an adult student and working full time.  And Bectoria has the blessing/curse of seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

Maybe you’re caring for an elderly parent.  Maybe you, or someone in your home deals with chronic physical or mental illness.  Or maybe you’re just a new mom trying to figure out, “WHAT is causing this diaper rash?!”

From minor annoyances to life altering catastrophes, life’s never challenge-free.  But facing those challenges with grace, style, and the unique personality that NO ONE can rob from you?  Well, that’s what makes you a SmartyPants!  Thanks for chilling here with us!

We are:

Bectoria Stafford Crandall

Jaymee Skelly

Mac Fife

Stephanie Politte

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